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Clougistic is an extensive, low-cost warehouse management SaaS solution for Magento eCommerce.

Paperless: eliminate paper & printing costs, boost warehouse output & increase accuracy to more than 99% with electronic inventory & barcode scanning. Clougistic guides warehouse employees through all processes, from receiving goods to shipping orders.

Full featured: cover every process to optimize your inventory. Manage intake, picking, packing, production, purchasing & returns with ease.

In the cloud: run Clougistic wherever you are. All you need is internet & a mobile device.

Unique Features

Connect multiple Magento installations, stores and companies (b2c, b2b, webshop, POS) to one Clougistic environment and manage the inventory of all different stores/companies easily in one place.

Clougistic can handle products with custom options and can trigger and inform the (internal or external) production department to create the custom made products. Inventory and costs of the needed products and raw materials are also managed by Clougistic.

Easily add or change unlimited warehouses, zones, packing tables, print nodes and users. Roles and permissions of users can easily be added and changed when needed.

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